The Paardenberg Trails for mountain biking, trail running and hiking have been designed with variety, fun and challenges in mind. Our routes traverse farms, weave across rivers, through forests, along single tracks and gravel roads, and climb steep ascents. The seasoned mountain biker or trail runner can test themselves on the more technical routes, whilst others can have a more leisurely time with the family along the shorter routes.


Day Permits
R40 per adult
R25 per scholar

Permits can be bought at the Country Bike Tours & Trails office on Paardenberg Farm on an "honesty-box" principle.

Green Trail

MTB trail 10

Distance: 9.51km
Ascent: 123m

Blue Trail

MTB trail 15

Distance: 14.11km
Ascent: 302m

Red Trail

MTB trail 25

Distance: 22.69km
Ascent: 579m

Black Trail

This trail is under construction - a longer challenge in the making!

Family Fun Trail

MTB trail fun run

Distance: 4.92km
Ascent: 63m

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Indemnity and Code of Conduct for Trail Usage

- Country Bike Tours & Trails and Paardenberg Farm (referred to as the “company” hereafter), and all employees associated with the company and those on neighbouring farms, will not be held liable for any injury, trauma, death, accident or illness incurred while using the trails.
- The company will not be held liable for any theft or damage to property while the biker/runner is on the trails or Paardenberg and neighbouring farms.
- The biker/runner is aware that mountain biking and trail running is, by nature, a dangerous activity and that the biker/runner agrees to use the trails at their own risk.
- The biker/runner is aware that there may be dangerous wildlife, such as snakes and bees, on the property.
- The biker/runner declares that they are in good physical health and are not undertaking biking/running with a known health risk. The biker/runner is aware that the owners of Country Bike Tours & Trails are not medical professionals and will not be held responsible in medical emergencies.
- The biker/runner undertakes to bear the cost of any damage incurred by them, or a minor family member, whilst on the trails or Paardenberg Farm/neighbouring farms.
- The biker/runner will only use the official demarcated trail routes.
- The biker/runner agrees to behave in a respectful and courteous manner to all farm staff and fellow trail users. The biker/runner undertakes to respect the natural environment and to do no damage to the plant and wildlife and agrees not to leave any litter or light fires along the trails or on the farms.
- Bikers need to wear a helmet at all times while riding.
- The biker/runner agrees to employ safe riding practises that do not endanger themselves or other riders.
- The marshals must be adhered to at all times.
- Children need to be accompanied by an adult.